What are Airlaids... and Why Do We Need Them?

Mats of fluff pulp, or webs, as they are referred to in the industry, are formed by blowing fibers onto a moving vacuum screen conveyor.A small percentage of the fibers, typically 5%–7%, are polyolefin fibers which melt as the web passes through a curing oven. This thermal bonding technique allows airlaid webs to hold significant amounts of superabsorbent polymers with less fiber. The result is an ultra-thin web that is highly absorbent.

Why do we need them? Simply put, airlaids allow manufacturers to produce smaller products, yet maintain product performance. If you are a manufacturer of absorbent diposables, airlaids will produce thinner products, which means a better and more discreet fit for your customers; less packaging cost, lower shipping cost and all this is achieved without the cost and expense of the pad-forming equipment presently used throughout the industry.

Thermacore™ Airlaids... good for you, your customers and good for the environment.