Environmental Statement

The management of Bandz USA is dedicated to efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices. Common sense would dictate that some products are "greener" than others and, while some components of our products must be man-made, we continually strive to find replacement materials that are derived from renewable natural resources and support recycling.

At present the renewable/recyclable content of our Thermacore airlaid products is approximately 50%. More important is the technology itself. The thermal bonding process we employ allows us to contain large amounts of superabsorbent polymers with a small amount of fluff pulp fibers. The resulting ultra-thin materials produce thinner pads, which fit better and are more discreet. Environmentally, ultra-thin pads require less energy to make, use less packaging, less energy to transport and, most importantly, produce less waste. Whether you want airlaids, finished pads or help pioneering a new application, we are at your service.