One of our specialties at Bandz, Inc. is the manufacture of a complete line of  BLADDER CONTROL PADS. Available in four sizes and regular, super and ultra absorbencies, all specifications can be found below.

Like all products produced by Bandz, our bladder control pads are the best on the market because they utilize our ultra-thin Thermacore™ airlaid materials for high performance absorbency. Can a pad be ultra thin and super absorbent? Absolutely! Our absorbent core is only 3.5 millimeters thick. That is about the thickness of two U.S. quarters.

Our pad design is efficient and functional. Many pads on the market today are contoured into a "figure 8" shape. While this design may look attractive, there is less absorbent material in the narrow center of the pad where it is needed the most! Manufacturers of contoured pads will tell you that the contoured shape provides a more comfortable fit. This is true…to a point. Unlike the ultra-thin pads made by Bandz, conventional pads are very thick, so contouring is necessary for comfort. Our products are so thin, the user will not even know they are wearing one- let alone have to contour the pad for comfort.

Bandz, Inc. produces millions of pads annually for our customers. We can offer our products in generic packaging or attractive, six-color, tri-lingual packaging under our company label. Our specialty is private labeling. The experienced staff at Bandz has guided many companies through the packaging design process and offers this service to all of our customers.